Benefits and methods of fiber mixing

Mixing fibers with different origins and different properties such as length, thickness or color to form yarn is called fiber blending. Mixing is done before the spinning process, and its purpose is to transfer desirable properties such as strength or durability, reduce costs by combining expensive fibers with cheaper types, or achieve special color or texture effects. Fabrics made from such fibers are called blends. The term “mixing” also refers to the mixing of small amounts of the same fibers, the purpose of which is to obtain uniform fibers from different batches.

Benefits of blending textile fibers

1- With the mixture obtained with elastin composition, it is possible to produce pull-out clothes with unique and fixed colors; This mixture is used to make clothes such as tights, tops, cycling uniforms, swimwear and so on.

2- Viscous mixtures create a silky or woolen feeling of the fabric in the tailors.

3- The color of the fabrics that are made with mixed fibers are more durable against washing, light, chlorinated water and sea water.

4- The new approach of spinning and weaving factories in combining polyester and recycled polyester fibers, and using them to make textiles reduces the environmental impact of the textile industry.

5- By mixing nylon and polyester, durable textiles such as Kansas rumble fabrics can be produced.

Methods of mixing textile fibers

The fibers can be combined in the early stages, or in the wick multiplication stage, or in other stages.

1- In the first stage of opening the fibers and in the batting room, the fibers are stacked one by one and then fed to the mixing feeder.

2- Fiber mixing operation can be done in the carding stage.

3- In addition, this work can be done in the stage of wick making or multi-layer wicking.

4. A mixed filament yarn consists of a variety of denier yarns (denier yarn numbering system used for filament yarns) that are mixed together.

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